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Tedesco Auto Body is a Tesla Approved Body Shop

A Tesla is the car of the future. These complex machines boast various driver assistance systems, computers and sensors, as well as smart systems that can be difficult and costly to repair. That is exactly why you need to find a certified auto body shop in NYC for your Tesla. Being a Tesla approved body shop means having all the equipment, staff, and the know-how necessary to bring these complex cars to their original state.

Tedesco Auto Body is proud to be a Tesla approved body shop and to enjoy the trust and recognition of the Tesla brand, all insurance companies, as well as Tesla car dealerships in the NYC region. When you come to Tedesco Auto Body, rest assured that your Tesla is in the best hands.

Go to Tedesco Auto Body for OEM Repairs

Tesla is a manufacturer with strict repair guidelines and procedures, intended to ensure collision repair excellence for their recognized and certified auto body shops. Tedesco Auto Body always adheres to the Tesla OEM repair procedures that guarantee our level of workmanship and our ability to tend to all your collision repair needs and bring your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition.

We make sure to use genuine auto parts so that you know you’re getting nothing but the best for your vehicle.

Our Trained Technicians know how to Care for Your Tesla

Tesla collision repair is a nuanced process that requires a steady hand, an eye for detail, and the best tools in the game. By being a Tesla approved body shop, Tedesco Auto Body has everything your car needs to become road-worthy quickly.

Our trained technicians are authorized by Tesla to conduct all minor and major repairs, and these industry experts use their years of experience and professional training to get your car back on the road quickly and with safety in mind.

We hope you will put your trust in the Tedesco name like so many Tesla vehicle owners before you.