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Collision Repair

Tedesco Auto Body is a premium auto body shop in NYC offering a complete array of collision repair services for all makes and models. If you’ve been in a car accident in NYC and need certified technicians to bring your vehicle back to its manufacturer-approved state, look no further than Tedesco Auto Body.

Electric Vehicle Repairs

We are a certified electric vehicle repair shop and our trained technicians have the skills and industry knowledge needed to fix all types of electric cars. Rest assured that your car will get the treatment it deserves at our state-of-the-art body shop in NYC, where we use the finest tools and equipment to bring electric cars to their original state.

White Glove Service

Let Tedesco Auto Body take care of all your needs. We offer a premium White Glove service to ensure the best possible experience for our cherished customers. Our concierge will pick the vehicle up from your location of choice, and deliver it back to your address when the repairs are done!

Our Certifications

Tedesco Auto Body is a manufacturer-approved and certified auto body shop in NYC, and we pride ourselves in our never-ending pursuit of collision repair excellence. That is why we constantly strive to uphold the rigorous collision repair standards set by your vehicle’s manufacturer through continuous training and education.

Why Choose Us

Trust. Integrity. Constant improvement. These are the tenets we live by at Tedesco Auto Body, as we make sure to continuously improve the quality of our service, and we always make sure to put our customers first.

Rest assured, at Tedesco Auto Body you will get the treatment you deserve.


Our community helped build Tedesco Auto Body into the most trustworthy auto body shop in NJ. Take a look at some of the success stories told by our previous customers and how our team helped get them back on the road quickly and safely.

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